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25 Yard Pistol/Carbine Bays

Tradecraft Range and Training Center has 5 Pistol/Carbine Bays. Each bay is 25 by 25 yards and stores a variety of steel targets, paper target stands and barricades. Members reserve these private bays and are free to SAFELY set up courses of fire as they see fit. Shooters who have been evaluated for safety may draw from the holster, fire from barricades and run movement and shooting drills. Currently all steel targets are PISTOL RATED ONLY, please do not fire rifle caliber rounds at steel targets in any of the 25 yard bays.


1000 Yard Range

Tradecraft Range and Training center provides its members with a covered 1000 yard range. The shaded platform is equipped with 8 concrete benches, and steel targets set up in 100-yard increments out to 1000 yards. The range also features an open PRS shooting area with a number of challenging platforms such as tires, simulated roof tops, and barricades.


Range Expansion Coming Fall of 2019

Our Fall 2019 expansion will make Tradecraft Range and Training Center one of the most flexible and feature packed ranges in the county. We will be adding a completely new membership level “The Rifleman” that will give members access to private bays and lanes from 25 to 600 yards. The addition of covered shooting pads with benches at the 1000 and 600 yard firing points will keep you comfortable through the Florida summer. We’re also adding rifle and pistol steel to many of the shooting bays, along with shaded cover and seating at all of our private shooting bays. Stop by to meet the staff and take a tour!