• All Members and Guests must check IN/OUT at the office before entering any active shooting area. A valid government issued ID must be provided by all members and their guests at check in.

  • Shooting hours are 8:00 a.m. until 3:45pm. All shooters must Check Out and depart the property by 4:00pm.

  • Members are allowed paid guests and must supervise their guests at all times. Guest fees - $20 Pistol/Carbine & $50 Long Range

  • Never lend your membership card to anyone.

  • Members are responsible for all damage done by themselves and/or their guests while on club property.

  • No alcoholic beverages or containers are allowed on club property.

  • Members & guest are not allowed on club property that are under the influence (or appearance) of alcohol, medication or any substance that is known to diminish or impair mental or physical abilities.


  • PLEASE PICK UP YOUR BRASS AND TARGETS DURING COLD PERIODS AND AT THE END OF SHOOTING, FIVE GALLON BUCKETS are provided FOR BRASS ONLY, targets and other trash may be placed directly in the dumpster next to the HQ building.

  • Please repaint any steel targets used during your session. Other members appreciate it.

  • Shooters must be able to safely demonstrate proficiency before being allowed to draw from the holster, shoot/move or fire from barricades.


  • Use of both eye and ear protection is mandatory at Tradecraft Range and Training Center

  • All cased firearms must be uncased or unholstered with the muzzles pointing down range and within the confines of the shooting bay. The handling of firearms outside the confines of the shooting bays is strictly prohibited.

  • Firearms not in the hands of the operator must be holstered or cased with the magazines removed and actions opened

  • No glass, metal tank, or explosives (tannerite) targets may be used.

  • Only items specifically designed to be targets are to be shot on any of the ranges.

  • Targets must be placed in such a way that the shooter is able to see 12” inches of berm on all sides of the target.

  • Targets must be hung or setup away from target support frames and posts to prevent damage.

  • Be careful when shooting steel targets. A minimum of 15 yards distance must be maintained when firing at pistol rated steel targets.  A minimum of 100 yards distance must be maintained when firing at rifle rated steel targets. If you are unsure about your firearm or the steel target, Don’t Shoot, ask a staff member.

  • Incendiary or tracer  ammunition is not permitted on the range.

  • Steel core or Steel Jacketed ammunition may only be used on paper targets

  • Targets must be oriented in a manner that the bullet impacts the back berm, do not fire into side berms, corners or within 24” of the top of the berm

  • No bump stocks or hip firing – You must be in control of the firearm

  • Machine guns may be fired only with Prior Notice and Approval.

In the event of an emergency, call 911 and alert staff.

Consult a staff member or email if you have any questions about the rules.

 Range Officer (239) 658-1300